What Will The App Do?

EarthTouch will deliver information about the environmental and social footprints of products so consumers can contribute towards a sustainable economy by making better purchasing decisions. Our app will put that information in the palm of your hand. By simply scanning a barcode you can realize the actual cost of a product and make more informed decisions.

Environmental Impact
See the big picture. How much energy and natural resources went into making this product? And how does its use and disposal impact the environment? Significantly reduce your impact by making informed decisions.

Social Impact
The social impact of a product accounts for working conditions such as forced labor, child labor, discrimination, hours, wage, and general standards.

Support health: Know if a product contains or has been exposed to harmful substances known to cause harm to humans and animals. You have the right to know the truth about what you're buying.

User Participation
We believe in honesty and transparency. Earth Accounting will allow users to submit information, challenge data, and ask questions. Easily message companies explaining why you purchased their product or chose a different one.

How Will We Get The Data?

We are introducing the world's first information cooperative. The acquisition of this massive amount of data will be a group effort where contributors are rewarded for the information they contribute.

Why Are We Special?

Unlike previous attempts to provide product data, Earth Accounting integrates a platform rooted in transparency, objectivity, and democracy. We are an information broker, supplying the data needed to account for the environmental and social impact of a product. Users will have the option to collaborate by offering and contesting data, similar to a wiki platform.

Where Are We Now?

Providing this information to consumers is no easy task but Earth Accounting has received support and interest from several individuals and organizations. We've made considerable progress in the last year and plan to release our first version of the app in the Fall of 2015. Your support will help us validate the concept and will add to our momentum. Join us on our journey.