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Save the world from your couch?

Reducing your environmental footprint is about to get really easy. Not everyone can afford to put solar panels on their home, bike to work, and eat only locally sourced food. We know you are incredibly busy and although you would like to “go green” as much as possible, there are some things you can’t compromise. We also know that as consumers the majority of our impact on the environment comes from the things we purchase regularly.

If you don’t believe me:

Take a quick look around your kitchen and think about what it took to get the products you have to you… your food, all the packaging, that waffle maker you use once a year. Many of these things came from around the world and who knows what went into them. Did the production of your blender result in the release of toxic chemicals into the environment? Is the decoration on your coffee mug made with lead or other harmful chemicals? Was your waffle maker made by children forced to work?

You get the idea – what we buy impacts the environment and society.

But it’s hard to know which products have negative impacts and which products are sustainably produced. That’s why we started Earth Accounting and have invented both a mobile app (Earth Touch) and a web extension to empower consumers to make educated purchasing decisions with minimal effort.

For better or for worse, we are now all connected through the internet, which subjects us to things like get-rich-quick email scams and our friend’s endless Facebook rants. But it also allows us to share valuable information, save time, and is now enabling us to shop more sustainably.

The new Earth Touch web extension will soon allow you to view the impact of products as you browse them online. Simply install this green shopping online tool to your web browser and whenever you are on a webpage with a product we have sustainability information on, it will be highlighted. Hovering over the product will give you its environmental and social impact scores as well as any facts specific to your personal preferences such as fair trade, CO2 emissions, animal rights, etc. We provide you with the product information and you can make a decision about which product to buy. We will also provide you with more sustainable alternatives so you can easily reduce your eco footprint, just by making better choices.

This isn’t just an eco or green shopping online website. The Earth Touch web extension will show you product information on any website you go to and on any product we have information on. Earth Accounting will launch this green shopping online tool with data concentrated on cosmetics and clothing, but will soon expand to cover all product categories.

Online shopping is expected to grow by 10% each year and online shopping retail sales are expected to grow to $370 Billion by 2017 ( With this immense growth comes incredible opportunity. The collective decisions we make while shopping online will have a tremendous impact on the environment. This reality has inspired Earth Accounting to build a simple tool that will allow us all to make greener, more ethical and eco friendly decisions online, enabling us to have a positive impact on our world from the comfort of our couch.

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David Evans

I use my background in Environmental Studies, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and Digital Marketing to explore solutions to the environmental and social issues my generation has been faced with.