Information Overload For Consumer Products

Eliminating Harmful Products & Food From Your Life

I recently read a post¬†about a study that links Monsanto’s Roundup to diseases like Autism, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s which alarmed me and reinforced the importance of buying organic. Studies linking products and foods to disease and harmful effects have become commonplace in the news today. At times it seems as though everything we come into contact with has something harmful in it and there is no way for us to avoid it.

This may be true for some things like smog, but when it comes to the products in your house and the food you eat, you are in control. Although eliminating harmful products and food from your household sounds nice, we all know it is much more difficult in practice for several reasons.

1. You don’t have enough time to do the research necessary for every product or piece of food you buy to make sure it is safe.

2. You know you can’t rely on product labels to give you accurate information because they are marketing tools coming from the company that sells them.

3. It’s hard to know the truth. You may read a post one day that says baby carrots are produced using chemicals, and a week later you see another post debunking the first.

4. There are so many variables that go into a product beyond just health such as environmental and social impact, that it quickly becomes challenging to know which product to purchase.

The bottom line: It’s hard to be a conscious consumer today.

At Earth Accounting we understand that these issues are important to consumers and there is a need for a tool to help them know the truth about the products they buy so they can make the best purchasing decisions. That is why we are producing the Earth Touch mobile app and web extension. These tools will make it easy for shoppers to see information on products no matter where they are shopping.

As we develop these tools we want to hear from you so we can make our app and web extension as helpful as possible. Tweet at us @EarthAccounting or Visit us on Facebook to tell us what you want to see in the Earth Touch app and web extension. What functionality will help you make better purchasing decisions?

We look forward to hearing from you!


David Evans

I use my background in Environmental Studies, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and Digital Marketing to explore solutions to the environmental and social issues my generation has been faced with.