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Citizens Protecting Our Environment

The power of 7 billion people each using his/her individual initiative to create a more sustainable existence should not be underestimated. For example, the current California water shortage led to a request by government officials to reduce consumption by 20%. Citizenry responded by reducing use by 25% in June 2015.  Adoption of recycling practices in […]

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Product Footprint Information - Green Imprint

Product Footprint Information

One of the more popular ways of characterizing man’s impact on the planet is to identify how much space on the planet would be used to meet that person’s material needs. Earth Day Network offers a personal eco footprint calculator. Against a background of music and animation one answers questions about his lifestyle focused on […]

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Organic Foods & The Eco Footprint of Agriculture

Upon completing my medical training and starting practice in Southern Illinois in 1970, I sought to focus on preventive care and healthy lifestyles. At that time organic gardening and vegetarian diet were just catching attention among my peers and patients often asked about the value. Unfortunately, as a representative of western scientific medicine, I could […]

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Labels, Industry and Government

In the December 2104 issue of Nutrition Action Letter, Executive Director Michael F. Jackson wrote a memo article titled “Good Luck,” he noted five issues the FDA has authority to resolve but is unlikely to do so quickly. These include setting regulations for food borne illness, reduction of antibiotic use in livestock, banning partially hydrogenated […]

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Spaceship Earth - Sustainability | Earth Accounting

Spaceship Earth

“We’re Still on Spaceship Earth and Still Without a Dashboard”   Recognition that we are all on a spaceship rose to the consciousness of greater humanity by 2 events in 1969. In March that year, R. Buckminster Fuller released his book “Operating Manual For Spaceship Earth” which probably was noticed by only a few but […]

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