hangs holding earth

Citizens Protecting Our Environment

The power of 7 billion people each using his/her individual initiative to create a more sustainable existence should not be underestimated. For example, the current California water shortage led to a request by government officials to reduce consumption by 20%. Citizenry responded by reducing use by 25% in June 2015.  Adoption of recycling practices in […]

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We Consumers Can Do It!

Certainly citizen and community activism can change the dynamics of such issues as global warming, workplace justice, fracking and GMOs and promote a sustainable (and even thriving) economy. Even corporations and government organizations can contribute towards this necessary goal. We are all for this. Then again, we have all one thing in common, we are […]

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Consumer power

A New Road to a Sustainable Earth

Either we achieve a global sustainable economy or we may become extinct. Global warming caused by GHG emissions of human activity alone could do it. The Pentagon knows this. One school of thought is that there are just too many humans as it is. Yet another school of thought advocates less consumption. Both of these […]

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Corporate, Community and Consumer Sustainability

Most medium and large corporations are establishing sustainability strategies. Many large publicly traded corporations even have employed Chief Sustainability Officers. Corporations are becoming aware of the increase in support for the idea of a sustainable economy. Most corporations and government organizations are developing and publishing their Sustainability Policies. But corporate sustainability has long ways to […]

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