hangs holding earth

Citizens Protecting Our Environment

The power of 7 billion people each using his/her individual initiative to create a more sustainable existence should not be underestimated. For example, the current California water shortage led to a request by government officials to reduce consumption by 20%. Citizenry responded by reducing use by 25% in June 2015.  Adoption of recycling practices in […]

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Consumer power

Consumer Movement Version 3.0

People buying products and services (consumers) represent 60% of the global economy. Adam Smith was the first to single out consumers back in 1776 when in The Wealth of Nations he said “consumers act in their own self interest and markets work with the invisible hand.”  He also said “Consumption is the sole end and […]

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Information Overload For Consumer Products

Eliminating Harmful Products & Food From Your Life

I recently read a post about a study that links Monsanto’s Roundup to diseases like Autism, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s which alarmed me and reinforced the importance of buying organic. Studies linking products and foods to disease and harmful effects have become commonplace in the news today. At times it seems as though everything we come into […]

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